Parish Ministries

Family Units

The parish is divided into 12 units, each consisting of 40 families on an average. The units meet once a month to pray, to study and to socialize. The election of the office bearers for the period 2020-2022 was conducted on May 2nd, 2020. The names of the office bearers are given below.

Family Unit Office Bearers 2020 - 2022

Family Apostolate

Family Ministries

Ministries for the Unmarried.
  • Marriage Preparation Course.
  • Pre-marital Counseling.
  • Pre-marital Assistance.
Ministries for the Married.
  • Marriage Enrichment programs.
  • Wedding Jubilee Celebration.
  • Family Associations.
    •  Mathruvedhi
    • Pithruvedhi
  • Family Counselling.
  • Observing
    • Family Day
    • Mothers Day
    • Fathers Day
  • Ministries for Pioneers and Seniors.

Jubilee Celebration

Marriage Preparation Course

This three-day mandatory course is given to candidates of marriage who propose to marry in the near future. This course is an immediate preparation for the candidates in all aspects of marriage and family life. A team of teachers present their topics and prepare the candidates to make this serious commitment in their life. Given in five centers (Scarborough, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Saskatchewan and Halifax) 195 youths took advantage of the course in 2019.

Santarts & Social, Welfare activities


Started in January 2020, St.Thomas Arts otherwise known as Santarts is intended to enable the beneficiaries to develop their talents. The following are the main sections of Santarts.

  • Santarts Malayalam Academy
  • Santarts Musical Academy: classes are given in Keyboard, Guitar and Violin. Santarts Academy principal is Mrs.Shyla Thomas
  • Band: Under the leadership of Jaison George, Santarts band is formed by a group of parish members who were trained to play musical accompaniments.
  • Church Choir: Coordinator Jibin Paulose.
  • Santarts Club of Performing Arts.
Youth Ministry
Director : Rev Father Toby Pulikasherry
Youth Team animator : Robins Kuriakose Thuruthiyil

SMYM National Junior

General Coordinator : Charly John
Spiritual Coordinator : Arun Siji
Office Docs Coordinator : Esther Thomas
Social Media Coordinator : Sarah Blesson
Financial Coordinator : Aiden Jose
Nominated Ex-officio : Theres Joshy
Nominated Ex-officio : Alex Kurishumootil Shibu

SMYM National Senior

General Coordinator : Jincy Jose
Spiritual Coordinator : Shaila Mangalam
Office Docs Coordinator : Catherine Jaison
Social Media Coordinator : Ronny Thomas
Financial Coordinator : Thomas Pazhayidam
Nominated Ex-officio : Aleena Valookaran
Nominated Ex-officio : Abu George

SMYM International

General Coordinator : Ansen Anto
Spiritual Coordinator : Amal Joseph
Office Docs Coordinator : Ronia Jose
Social Media Coordinator : Bettina George
Financial Coordinator : Roji Johnson
Nominated Ex-officio : Jerin Raj
Nominated Ex-officio : Joshua Devais