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Office for Catechesis

With Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil being the Patron, the Parish Catechetical Organization is designed to work as a federated team together with the Eparchial Catechesis Department, with Fr. Augustine Kallumkatharayil, Director,  Fr. Baiju Jose Chakkery (Forane Vicar & Director), Jose Varghese (Principal), Sr. Jyothy AO (Vice Principal), a core team of Catechists and Youth Associates, the Parish Catechetical Committee with Catechetical coordinators from family units and representatives of Parent-Teacher Council to help in planning and strengthening the faith formation program with required supports.

Saju Mathew Kapiarumalayil (Principal 2005-2012), Jose Valiyaparambil (Vice Principal 2006-2007), Biju Kannampuzha (Vice Principal 2012-2013), Sarita Binu (2013), Ditty Jose, (Principal 2014-2017), Sr. Lissy AO ( Principal 2017), Sr. Jyothy
AO ( Principal 2018-2021) and Jose Varghese (as Vice Principal 2014-2021) have also dedicated their time and energy for  shaping and strengthening the parish Catechesis program based on a set of core values that 
help the young generation to build and sustain connectivity with the God, love the Church and to grow up as passionate Catholics. 

The Parent Teacher Council  is also actively involved in supporting the Catechesis program.

School of Catechesis

Vision & Mission

Office for Catechesis strives to help the young generation to pursue a lasting friendship with God, love the Church and to grow up as a passionate Catholic nurturing the inherent values and faith traditions unique to the Syro-Malabar Rite. 

The ministry of Catechesis holds an important place in the life and mission of the Church and in the faith formation of the People of God.  Therefore, the Church considers Catechesis as her great responsibility and undeniable right.  Jesus, before His ascension into heaven, entrusted to the Apostles the Mission to proclaim the Gospel to the entire creation and make disciples of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to observe all that He had commended them (Mark :, Matthew 28:18).  Taking up this responsibility from the Lord, the Church has continued its Mission through the Ministry of Catechesis to hand down the faith to the generations with total fidelity to its content.

History of Catechesis in Scarborough

Faith formation of the young generation, a long felt need of the pioneering community of Keralite Catholics migrated to Canada, carrying the torch of St.Thomas heritage, was fulfilled in the year 2005, with formal classes initiated for children receiving First Holy Communion. The regular Sunday school program was started in September that year with the thoughtful hard work of Fr. Jose Thaiparambil CMI, Pastor serving the St.Thomas the Apostle Mission, Toronto at that time. From a small team of about 20 teachers and about 200 students at the time, the numbers grew each year necessitating a bifurcation in 2007 for children in the western region based in Mississauga, and with the new parish in Oshawa becoming a reality in 2018, our school now connects with nearly 500 students every week for Catechesis. A team of 45 Catechists- a good number of them continue to bring their energy for 10 to 15 years, strive hard to inculcate strong values of faith in the young minds.

We realize that our children are growing up in the Canadian environment sandwiched with an inclusive culture they embrace in the society and their nurturance with Syro Malabar liturgical traditions and family value systems. To help them realize the value of growing up stronger in faith and to support them effectively we have inducted dozens of youth associates who speak the language of today’s children and teenagers.