School of Catechesis

Office for Catechesis

With our Bishop Mar Jose Kalluvelil being the Patron, the Parish Catechetical Organization is designed to work as a team with Fr. Martin Manickanamparambil (Eparchial Director), Fr. Jose Alencherry, (Forane Director), Fr. Daris Cherian (Asst.Director), Sr. Jyothy AO (Principal), Jose Varghese (Vice Principal)  and a core group of 5 Catechists to help in planning and  developing programs that support formation.

Saju Mathew Kapiarumalayil (Principal 2005-2012) Jose Valiyaparambil (Vice Principal 2006-2007),Biju Kannampuzha (Vice Principal 2012-2013), Sarita Binu (2013), Ditty Jose, (Principal 2014-2017), Sr. Lissy AO (2017) have also dedicated their time and energy for building up and developing the Catechesis program.

The Parent Teacher Council with 9 representatives  is also actively involved in supporting the Catechesis program.  

Catechesis Teachers

New Registration

A copy of your child’s Baptism certificate, and your Parish registration number (Env.Number) will be needed to complete this process.

Please use the link to download the application form and email it to along with the Baptism Certificate. Payments could be made using the Donate button below. Please specify Cat. Registration of ….. (name, Grade)  in ‘write a note’ section.

Please complete ‘Parental Permission’ and ‘Media Consent’  to give general permission to record, digitally capture images/video of  student’s class work (occasionally), entries in contests and activities,  and share it  for educational and program promotional purposes and for generating reports, and for use in electronic media protecting privacy of the individual. (However, specific permission will be asked for special events organized outside the church premises like group visits/picnics/rallies or individual focused video recordings outside the church premises.)



Principal: Sr.Jyothy AO, Phone: 437-229-7144

Vice Principal: Jose Varghese, Phone: 647-780-0727 (Call/Text)

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